Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Join Kamutshima

Join Kamutshima

You can be the best African dancer in the world with the best techniques, the best steps and the best moves... but if you are unable to find work or get the rate you deserve or be treated with respect.... it can reak havoc on your self esteem.

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It's a great time to check out Simba Yangala Kamutshima.

Join the Kamutshima African Cultural Dance Network.
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Join Simba Yangala Kamutshima Supporting African Women Cultural Dancers Worldwide. Operating as Kamutshima International Dance Group since 2004, our company Jungle Dom is an international cultural performing arts and entertainment network based out of New York City, with satellite offices across the United States.

Some of the international artists with whom we worked include:

Bouro Mpela
Awilo Longomba
Sean Paul
And many more.

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